Garage Organization

Let’s face it—your garage is really your personal indoor storage shed. Of course, it’s home for your car, but it’s also the place you keep so many other things, including your tools, your lawn and garden implements, and the kids’ sports equipment. And in the Chicago area, it probably spans the seasons as harbor for your snow thrower and shovel alongside your lawn mower and seeder. It’s too easy to see a garage become a catch-all of clutter, but Chicago Designers Closets can help. Let Gina draw up a plan specifically for your space, then watch as she turns your garage into an efficient storage system that will not only open up your space but make it easy to find and care for all those things that make your life better. Choose an attractive assembly of open shelving and bins to get the clutter off the floor, or opt for n attractive set of wall-mounted tracks or pegboard for hanging long-handled tools for easy accessibility. For the ultimate in beauty, choose a cabinet system to keep your items safely stored and accessible, making your garage a haven instead of a mess. So don’t neglect your garage. With a little help from Chicago Designer closets, you’ll appreciate the sense of pride you’ll feel every time you drive in the door.

Office Organization

The recent changes in the world have caused a revolution in work style, with more and more people needing a functional office space in their homes. The home office has become a vital part of the modern home, but most people have no idea how to go about creating one that works. Things to consider when creating a home office including an efficient arrangement of shelving and cabinetry, with space for a computer, printer, and any other office equipment. You also need proper lighting and a comfortable chair to avoid backaches. Make the space welcoming with a coffee station, or create a lounge area for when you want to take a break. A window is a bit plus, bringing in natural light to offer a healthful boost to the day, and soundproofing helps keep the focus on business. It’s important to create an attractive but nonintrusive environment, so surround yourself with colors that soothe and inspire you and cabinetry that pleases your eye while it hides any clutter. A spare bedroom can suddenly become a welcoming, professional space that inspires its resident and encourages productivity. A small closet can become an efficient workspace with the right arrangement of shelves and cabinets and has the added bonus of being hidden behind a door when the workday is over. Whether your office space is a large bedroom or a tiny closet, Gina Wolfe at Chicago Designer Closets has a lifetime of experience with organization, and she has myriad ways and tricks of creating a spectacular, efficient office space anywhere in the house.

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