Kids Closets

One thing any parent will tell you about kids and organization is that the two rarely go hand-in-hand! But Gina at Chicago Designer Closets knows that if kids are supplied the right tools they will rise to the occasion. Kids have so much stuff—clothes, toys, books—they might be overwhelmed at the piles, but a well-designed closet or storage system will encourage them to be neater. A properly designed bedroom closet includes easy-to-reach hooks, open shelving, drawers, and baskets. When set at kids-eye level, it becomes easy and even fun for kids to see how to store their things. And a rearrangeable system allows the storage solution to grow with your child as you shift shelves to make different storage areas to fit changing heights and sizes.

If you’re looking for easy and attractive toy storage, consider such spaces as a hall or playroom closet, or find unusual spaces—maybe under a stairway or an unused niche. Maybe your playroom is in the basement and has turned into an obstacle course of toys and games. The right design will maximize your storage space so children can easily retrieve their toys and, more important, easily replace things on shelves or in bins and drawers. Colorful baskets are great for quick clean-up of toys and stuffies, and hooks on walls or pegboards allow for easy hang-ups. And everything can be cleverly set out of sight behind a closed door.

Chicago Designer Closets knows how to best utilize space—and that includes creating the best storage solutions for your young people and their things. Let Gina show you how to create spaces that will grow with your children and encourage them to appreciate the beauty of being organized.

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