Master Bedroom Closets

Some master bedrooms boast huge storage spaces, while other s have only shallow reach-in closets. Whatever size closet you have in your master bedroom, Chicago Designer Closets can show you the way to maximize the space and clear the clutter, making morning preparation easy and efficient, and evening retreat calm and relaxing.

If you are fortunate enough to have a large walk-in closet, Gina will design a plan for your space, including furniture-grade floor-to-ceiling shelving, unique special-item drawers, and clothing bars set to fit your needs. You might even have room for a beautiful and functional island with specially designed storage solutions for your collections, be they of jewelry, hats, bags or shoes. For those very fortunate who have a room-sized closet, let Chicago Designer Closets create a relaxing getaway space for lounging away from daily stresses.

If your closet is a less luxurious reach-in closet, you can still benefit from Gina’s experience and imagination. Let her create a storage solution that will fit your space—and your needs. Choose from drawers, shelves, and custom creations that include such unusual yet practical elements as rotating floor-to-ceiling shelves and specialty drawers for such items as jewelry and other accessories.


The master bedroom should be a peaceful haven, not a stressful mess of “where-did-I-put-that?” The perfect master bedroom closet is a constant source of joy, something that pleases your eye even while you can easily find what you need. Whatever size your closet, you can be sure that Chicago Designer Closets will be able to make it a beautiful and efficient reflection of you.

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