Pantry Space

One of the most popular features of any kitchen is a good pantry. Yet many people deal with inefficient pantries, simply spaces with shelves that groan under piles of disorganized items. Fortunately, Gina Wolfe is not only a savvy businessowner, she is also a mother who treasures organization to the max. She knows that an organized pantry is a timesaver for any busy family, and she has spent a lifetime honing her organizational skills. Explore options such as spice racks, wine storage, sliding shelves, specialized drawers and built-in lazy Susans. Consider adding rotating or hinged pantry shelves that add layers of storage space to a small pantry, and for the ultimate in luxury, why not select a motorized vertical carousel that moves the shelves up and down and easy to reach. Whatever your pantry size, Chicago Designer Closets can provide you with ways to maximize its space with beautiful materials built to last.

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