Reach-in Closets

One trait of older homes is a lack of closet space, with few or tiny spaces for storage. These are usually of the reach-in variety with just a clothes bar running the length, with a shelf above, leaving the floor to deal with the leftover clutter. The fact is that these closets are simply not designed for today’s needs, but don’t despair! With the right design, the smallest reach-in closets can be made more efficient and stylish. All you need is a little help from Chicago Designer Closets.

There are many ways to make your reach-in closets beautiful and functional. Strategically-placed shelves and drawers, custom-designed to fit your space and needs, can make your reach-in closet more efficient—and too beautiful to hide behind closed doors. Modern trends include practical lighting systems, glass doors and shelves, attractive baskets and clever accessory storage. Consider using a reach-in closet as a display space for your beautiful shoes, hats and purses. A modern reach-in closet can even provide a functional office space that can be closed off when not in use. Talk to Gina at Chicago Designer Closets and discuss your needs, along with the possibilities for your reach-in closets. She’ll provide you with up-to-the minute designs and a promise to be there throughout the process, making sure that your closet will work for you. Whatever the space you have, it can be brought up to date and made more beautiful and more efficient—and more you.

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