Walk-in Closets

The homeowner’s dream is to have enough space to manage and store all the stuff that accumulates through the years. The holy grail of that dream has long been an enormous walk-in closet, but lots of space doesn’t necessarily mean good organization. Too often that lovely walk-in closet becomes the repository for piles of stuff, making it impossible to find what you need and sometimes you just want to close the door and hide the mess. Fortunately, Gina at Chicago Designer Closets understands space and has developed a system that will turn your disorganized mess into the beautiful, efficient closet you’ve been needing.

A walk-in closet, designed correctly, offers limitless possibilities, including plenty of shelves for shoes and multiple clothes bars for hanging everything from shirts to evening gowns. Drawers can be added with special features for jewelry or accessories, and bins for purses can hide or display your collection. Trends for larger closets include an elegant island, a spacious changing area or even a pleasant sitting area in which to escape from the world.

The more space you have, the more you need clever organization to make the most of it. Let Gina and Chicago Designer Closets help you make your closet the most efficient room in your home! Gina will walk you through your project from start to finish, from the first hand-drawn designs to the last final check. Only furniture-quality materials are used, along with a floor-based system that assures a lifetime of beautiful use.

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